11 Oct 2007 – The Chuck

Alright, here we are on 10/11/07, I’m hoping our Bob Blog goes over well, but either way we’ll be fine.  Which is how I’m doing, I’m doing fine.

I’m doing fine after my debacle with Boeing.  I applied for a position with them, and they offered me the job.  However, they pretty much low-balled me on the salary offer.  I talked it over with a couple of folks, and I counter-offered.  They sat on the counter-offer for over a week, without a peep.  Then their HR department called and offered me a compromise . . . which was still a low-ball, but I had discussed it with Cindy during our wait, and decided that even if they came back with the same offier, we wanted the job and the location.  The HR manager said they would love to have me in Kansas in a week (!) but understood that it would take a little longer.  In addition, he told me that would have the lower-level, HR pogue contact me with the “official offer” the next day.  I thought that was great, so that evening I said goodbye to the tech support job, which brought no tears to my eye, and I started to scramble to get the house ready to go.  Then before I knew it, three days had passed, and I had heard nothing.

So I called, and kept getting answer machines.  Finally an HR worker that I had never talked to before answered and gave me HR 101, “if you don’t have an official offer, you don’t have an offer . . .” So it’s been about a month since then so there you have it.  At least the Boeing debacle got me out the tech support job, because I don’t think I could have quit without a good reason (not liking the job is not a good reason) because being “disloyal” isn’t a part of my psyche right now . . . the last time I quit a job was in high school, so I could go in the Air Force, then I retired 32 years later.  I’ll probably get better at being selfish over time.  I’m fine with that.

The moral of the story is whenever an HR dude or dudette is talking; don’t trust a single word they say until you have an offer in writing . . . of course, even then — they could fire you two days after you sell your house, which would be worse that a fake-job offer over the phone . . . maybe the moral of the story is to watch out for HR folks from Boeing.  Ah, those great mysteries of life, I don’t even have the moral of the story for certain, which can be bad for morale.  I’m still fine with it.

I’m fine with submitting my novel to the Amazon.com Breakthough Novel Award contest.  I’ve been collecting rejection slips for my novel The Last Dragoneer and they want unpublished novels.  Grand prize is a publishing contract with Penguin Books, who won’t even look at a non-agented writer.  So I consider this a backdoor submission.  It was nice to have a novel that I’ve edited 20 times and I’ve been refining for a year and a half.  If this goes wonderful, some time in April I’ll know something really good.  I’d be fine with that for certain.

My grandsons turned two back on the 7th.  You’d never know to look at them that they almost didn’t make it a while back.  I’m really fine with that.

I visited a few shut-ins in local nursing homes and was privileged to lead them in the Lord’s Supper ordnance.  That is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done as a Deacon.  They were very pleased that the church was visiting them.  We’re probably going to keep this “new” tradition going, so about every three months, I’ll be doing it again.  We Baptist don’t observe the Lord’s Supper very often, but it’s always a moving experience.

I still haven’t gotten a rating from the VA board.  I’m absolutely fine with letting the combat-injured vets in the front of the line, but somewhere in the 15 months since I filed with them, you’d think they would have gotten around to me.  The unspoken message to me must be “hurry up and die.”  My email query this month was long and laced with veiled sarcasm.  It’s probably about time to write somebody with more clout that you guys.

I’m hoping this Bob Blog is soon adorned with your comments and postings for this October 11th communiqué. 

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Until we post again, take care.

The Chuck

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