11 Sep: Mel

Greetings all! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted, but I have read yours–good reading. My retirement date was 31 Jul: 23 yrs, 0 mos, 0 days. I went on terminal leave on 18 May. Had my retirement ceremony on Mon, 11 Jun; Kelvin’s ceremony was Fri, 15 Jun–I got to roast him! My plans for a whirlwind trip to Kelvin’s in Albuquerque and then to N.C. for a few weeks came to a big halt. Terri broke her wrist the previous Saturday (she refused to use the handrail on the stairs) and I found out the morning of my ceremony that she was sched for surgery the next day (when we were supposed to leaving). Anyway…surgery went ok, Kelvin’s ceremony went ok, and we spent the rest of terminal leave here in NE.

Terri is now in an adult day care program; taxi picks her up at 0730 and drops her home around 1620 or so. It’s all out of pocket until her Long Term Care Insurance kicks in. It’s a big relief not worrying all day long–the best relief since Dec 1991: almost 16 long years! On a positive note, I got a job offer just a few days into terminal leave. Company is Management Technology (ManTech). Kelvin works for Camber; I call him Caster, he calls me ManChild. Did I mention that I work in J7 (Exercises and Training) about 4 cubicles from where I sat while active? Anyway, started work on 6 Aug, and it’s been ok. I’m doing computer/network Information Assurance. Good job, good folks. The kids are doing ok. Taleisha is in grad school (Psychology), Randall is a junior at UNO (Business) and on his own,
Victoria is a senior at Bellevue West HS (specific college is TBD).

As for me, I’m ok. Just finished installing a sprinkler system: parts, mostly from eBay, less than $1K. Labor: priceless! About a $2K savings. Suggest you invite at least 2 friends to the party.Bomber incident: Doug E. Doug: we were on the same crew at

Minot on Sep 11. Anyway, for us here at STRATCOM: if we get a query, refer it to STRATCOM PA. I looked at the articles and almost laughed. Exercises at KBAD were a joke–a scary joke. CCP was essentially “critiqued to 100%.” The nuke mission wasn’t even secondary–it was more or less a hobby. Well, I guess that folks will now pay attention. Wonder if they will hold leadership accountable, or will they not want to disrupt any Academy grad careers?Let’s see: we tried to bomb the Kannapolis Resevoir dam, and now we can’t do a decent weapons preflight. Hmmm…. Mel

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  1. Bob says:

    Congratulations on your retirement, the sprinkler and the care. Bob

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