2007 Aug 11 – Andy

 I was wondering if I would be last or not…so I’ll settle for a day late.
James – take the time you can with your dad and treasure the moment…keeping you in our prays.
Surprised Brit’s teaching fighter geeks.  I guess they need to learn from the best – a bomber dude!
Chuck definitely loved the articles and cannot wait to the book deal goes through!

Wish I had the time like Jim or Reed to finish a project…kitchen still needs some work done; base boards need to be cut & installed and the trim work in the main kitchen.  O yes, the He-111 is still not finished.  Maybe before Christmas?!  I guess I need to set a deadline and see if I make it…LoL

The job at 8th AF is still in limbo.  After seven months, GSA said they would not be handling the contract.  8Th AF cried to ACC for help.  Acc is generating a contract that some be out later this month with a start work date of 1 October.  So in the meantime, I’ll relocate the old strip-mall CVS store into a new stand-alone store in Minden 9Grand opening 9 September), take on an inventory challenges on the 21st of September, and then quit!  Anything for a better quality of life…

O’well must retire for the night, long week ahead.  Three weeks out and I have a store to move.



P.S. welcome Bob!

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