2007 Aug 11 – The Chuck

My Brothers:

It’s hard to believe it’s been 23 years since President Reagan said, “I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever.  We begin bombing in five minutes.”  Of course he was joking, but it created great ire for the socialists-type and amusement for the liberty-types. 

 Funny how the socialists have gain ownership over the word “liberal,” when it has its roots in the word “liberty,” which of course is rooted in the word “freedom,” which really means the opposite of socialist ideals.  You know, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  I guess it’s a bit like the totalitarian nations using the word “democratic” in their names.  It would be the same thing is fat people started calling themselves “svelte” and insisted that everyone else should call them the same.  Oh well . . .

 It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since we last exchanged emails.

 As you know my column about airmen-riflemen was published in the Air Force Times, then in the Army Times and the Marine Corps Times.  Did you catch in the news how the Air Force reversed it position during a 31 July meeting with the House Armed Services subcommittee?  The Air Force wants to get out the very missions that I identified in my column.  Before my column, all I had seen was the Air Force planning to build large schools to training airmen to be infantry riflemen.  Coincidence?   More than likely I’m sure, but it made me smile when I read about it.

 It is remarkable how many emails I received over this.  The reactions are a varied as there are people.  So far, I’ve been able to reply to each person once.  I don’t have to time to respond to their counter-replies, but I read them.

 My daughter starts school at LSUS in a few days.  The main reason we stayed in LA after my retirement was for her to finish school, she did that.  I’ve started putting applications in for “jobs” . . . that’s a four-letter word, isn’t it?

 Of course, with jobs, there comes that thing called “pay-check” . . . which is what I need to do since my kids keep coming up with surprises.  We’re doing fine for now, but one more “incident,” and I’ll have to borrow money, which is a slippery slope.  In the interim . . . I’ve started working as a technical support agent in Shreveport.  

Meanwhile, I am still still looking for a publisher for my novel.  It is currently with Broadman and Holman Publishers, they should be either sending me a rejection slip or something more exciting within a month.  Maybe I’ll be rejoicing about a contract in my next letter.  Yeah, right.

 I’m sure all of you were getting the failure notices on Vern’s email.  I try to call him on his old cell number, but alas he doesn’t have that anymore.  I’ll keep including his old address in these monthly communiqués until he lets us know his new address.  I guess he’s busy with the job, running around Europe, and all that.

 It was great hearing from John boy last month.  The pictures added to our joy.   Sherry is a pretty woman, and the house looks wonderful.  John, I enjoyed your comment about “feeling pain a little more” than you did a few years ago.  It took me back to the torturous workouts next to the gym.  The wind-sprints resulted in my legs tightening up on the next day, making it a challenge to walk.  A day or so after that, I remember the klaxon where I tore both my quadriceps during the first few steps toward the truck.  Vern Moore pulled a hamstring at the same time.   I felt that pain for a while.  

 John, you talked about inviting Doug Miller to our group.  Part of membership is the freedom to invite anyone you judge to be worthy.  I recommend you query him offline, so he can decline without appearing to “dis” us . . . that would be embarrassing.  If he wants to, just send him a public email like I did with you . . . like I just did with Bob Goss.   You can modify the text anyway you judge appropriate.  That a way, we’ll all get the new email address, so we can include the new guy in our next email. 

 For a while we had debated what the criteria should be to be in BOB.  We talked about things from the Castle mafia, to the Castle plus 11th clan, to the B-52 tribe . . . and the best way is to just leave it up to the judgment of any member of BOB.  We’re basically talking about our lives, sharing them with those we used to know . . . so that we’ll continue to know them . . . hopefully even get to know them better over time.   It’s like a poker club or drinking buddies without the cards and beer, or the pull-my-finger jokes.

 James, sorry to hear your father’s health is declining.  I admire your concern for him and respect the attention you’re giving to him in these rough times.  Looking through all those records and papers, will kind of make you think about how organized you need to be with your stuff . . . so when someone else is viewing them . . . well that line of thought can be depressing, but you know what I mean.

 I know that Brit is still reading our emails.  He is busy with work and life and will eventually bring us up to date on his life.

 Reed, I’m sorry about your bees.  Have you been talking with Ed Miller?   You said he was going to retire soon, I’ll keep an eye out for announcements but he most certainly needs to be in BOB.

 I submitted an article about the new OPR.  I’ll paste it separately on the Blog.  Until next month, take care.

The Chuck

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